January 5, 2024

Giving is Out, Investing is In

Ever since the inception of donut, we’ve been pondering the word “give". To us, it seemed too mechanical, too transactional, and lacking the essence of the impact it creates. After diving deep (yes, we even stumbled upon research that backs it up), we realized we were on a quest for a term that truly encapsulates what donut users – and all philanthropists – are achieving when they contribute their money or time.

“Giving” sounds like a one-time act, a simple transfer of funds, often with no looking back. But that’s not the donut way, not even close. Our users on donut are problem-solvers who want to fix issues they care about through nonprofits that don’t just provide aid — they provide solutions to those very issues.

For us, donating is really investing in solutions to challenges, a chance to witness the tangible impact your contributions make via the work of incredible nonprofits.

It’s about investing into the world around you and in places that you care about.

It’s about becoming part of the solution and passion to see it come to life.

So, this year, we're flipping the script: out with old-school giving and in with smart investing. We're making ‘investing in solutions’ our New Year’s resolution. Ready to join us? Download donut  iOS or Android.