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Rally friends & community to solve problems together

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Inspire friends & amplify their impact

Donate and inspire friends to join in. See where your friends are donating and contribute with one tap and amplify even the smallest contributions. Even small amounts count when shared with the community!

Discover vetted & curated nonprofits

Browse curated and vetted nonprofits near you and globally that provide solutions to the issues you care about and discover smaller, under-the-radar organizations. Never dig through emails and notes in search of receipts again - donut provides donation history and receipts, all in one place.

Snowball your impact

See the measurable impact of your inspiring actions with the Snowball feature. Get the total amount of donations inspired by you, start matching pledges and instantly become an advocate for the causes you've donated to. With donut, any donation drive becomes a breeze.

Donate safely to nonprofits worldwide

Locals know best. On donut, donors in the U.S. can donate to local nonprofits in other countries with the same ease and tax benefits as to organizations in their neighborhood.

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