March 29, 2024

How donut Works: Your Ultimate Guide to Making an Impact on donut social

Welcome to donut – the innovative platform transforming the way we support causes we care about. If you’re wondering how donut brings together donors, volunteers, and nonprofits from around the globe, you’re in the right place. This detailed guide will walk you through every step of the donut social experience.

Signing Up and Navigating the Platform

Starting with donut is as simple as pie – or, should we say, as easy as a donut. Just download the app for iOS or Android and sign up using your phone number. Once inside, you’ll find a user-friendly dashboard that guides you through discovering organizations, initiating donations, and connecting with nonprofits that offer solutions to problems you care about.

How to donate on donut

One of donut’s standout features is the simplicity of making donations. Just a few taps and you've contributed to a cause you care about. Plus, all donations through donut are tax-deductible (US only), and we provide all the necessary receipts directly within the app. Download donation receipts separately or all at once in your Profile Settings.

Donating is as easy as pressing the donut button—found in your feed, alongside others’ donations, or within your donation history, signaling a clear path to support your chosen organization again. Simply put, the donut button is your gateway to contribute anytime, anywhere. With donut social, every tap on the donut button is an opportunity to make a difference and optimize your charitable contributions for tax deductions in 2024. Try it for yourself - donate to Marleys Mutts.

Discovering Causes and Nonprofit Organizations near You or International Nonprofits

donut offers a wide array of vetted nonprofits and causes in its Discover section. Whether you're passionate about environmental conservation, education, or humanitarian aid, donut provides a seamless way to find and support organizations doing incredible work.

Tap the search icon in the top right corner of the screen and search organizations by city, state, country or name.

Tap the "donut universe" icon in the middle of the bottom bar to explore. Whether you're passionate about environmental conservation, education, or humanitarian aid, donut provides a seamless way to find and support organizations doing incredible work.

Discover local nonprofits near you or in other countries via search or discover screen.

The Snowball Effect

Our unique Snowball feature allows your donation to make an even bigger impact. No need for complex fundraising pages and setups! Just share your donation with friends, family, teammates or coworkers through social media or direct links. 

See the cumulative effect of sharing and your actions: when others donate inspired by your action, you see how your initial contribution grows, creating a ripple effect of support.

Your profile, every donation and nonprofit profile is shareable: just tap on the sharing arrow button to copy the direct link, send it via text, generate a custom QR code to place it wherever you need or share it on Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

Following Nonprofits and Tracking Your Impact

donut goes beyond just donating; we let you see the difference your money makes. Through regular updates from the organizations you support, you can track how your contributions are used and the impact they’re making, all while ensuring your phone stays silent from spam calls and your inbox remains clear of unwanted emails. Enjoy peace of mind with tracking charitable donations, experiencing real-time donation impact, and benefiting from transparency in charitable giving, all underscored by the effectiveness of your financial support.

Follow nonprofits for updates on your impact and to learn more about who they're helping and how

Joining the Community: Finding Friends and Growing Your Network

donut is not just a platform; it’s a community. By joining, you connect with like-minded individuals, engage in meaningful discussions, and find new opportunities to contribute your time and resources. 

First things first: add friends you know in real life to make an impact together. 

You can add them during onboarding by syncing your contacts or do it later from your personal profile or Profile Settings. You can also share a link to your profile at any moment or send it via text. Your friends can also find you on donut by searching for your username. 

More friends on donut = bigger impact you can drive together

Anonymous Donations on donut

At donut, we understand the value of privacy and the desire some donors have to contribute anonymously. Our platform offers an anonymous donation option, allowing you to support your chosen causes without revealing your identity. While we champion openness and believe sharing your philanthropic journey can inspire others and enhance nonprofit visibility, we respect your choice for privacy. This feature ensures that your act of kindness remains between you and the cause you're supporting, free from public recognition if you prefer. Whether it's for personal preference or a belief in quiet philanthropy, anonymous donations on donut maintain the integrity of your private giving. However, we believe that sharing is caring and we strongly encourage visible support when possible to spread awareness and inspire community action, all while enabling you to track the impact of your donation and see the difference you're making.

Donate anonymously on donut (although we'd really love if you donated publicly!)

donut is more than just a donation platform; it’s a movement towards more transparent, impactful, and community-driven philanthropy. Whether you’re a first-time donor or a seasoned philanthropist, donut offers an intuitive, rewarding way to support the causes that matter to you.

Ready to make a difference with donut? Download the app today on iOS or Android and start your journey towards impactful giving. Remember, every big change starts with a single action. Let donut be your starting point for creating a ripple of positive impact around the world.

Make Your First Investments into These Nonprofits

Tap in each to open the app and make a contribution to their mission.

Donate to Marley's Mutts, a nonprofit dedicated to saving the lives of Kern County’s shelter animals and making a pawsitive and lasting impact on communities by rehabilitating souls and creating second chances using the power of the human/animal bond.

Donate to Good Bread, a nonprofit in Kyiv, Ukraine giving a chance to adults with intellectual disabilities. 70+people with intellectual disabilities received the chance to work and socialize in a bakery.

Donate to Anera, which has no political or religious affiliation, and works on the ground with partners in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza), Lebanon and Jordan. We mobilize resources for immediate emergency relief.