May 29, 2024

Complete Guide to June 2024: Ultimate Content Calendar Full of Reasons to Donate and Celebrate

Hey there, our amazing donut community! June is packed with opportunities to make a difference, celebrate diverse cultures, and share solutions to important problems. We’ve curated a list of things to act on in June: whether you’re an individual, business or a nonprofit planning your activities, we hope this calendar will come in handy! The June 2024 calendar is filled with reasons to invest time and money into important causes and cultural events that can be a reason to celebrate with a donation. 

Let’s dive into our curated list of causes which includes both the U.S. nonprofits and local nonprofits in other countries around the world. For nonprofits, we hope that this list provides a lot of ideas beyond traditional “donation days”. Want to join donut as a nonprofit? Just fill out this form. 

Support or celebrate throughout the month of June:

👧 National Children’s Awareness Month: Raise awareness about critical issues affecting children's health and well-being, such as mental health, nutrition, and access to education. Support initiatives aimed at providing solutions like mental health resources, nutritious meals, and educational opportunities.

🏳️‍🌈 Pride Month: celebrate LGBTQ+ communities worldwide. Participate in events, support LGBTQ+ rights, and promote inclusivity.

🌍 World Environment Month: focus on environmental protection and sustainable practices. Engage in activities to preserve the planet.

🐝 National Pollinators Month: Celebrate the crucial role pollinators play in our ecosystem and food supply and raise awareness about the importance of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

💜 Alzheimer’s Awareness Month: Raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease, a progressive neurological disorder that affects memory and cognitive function. 

🎗️ Cancer Survivors Month: Celebrate the strength and resilience of cancer survivors around the world. It's a time to raise awareness about the challenges survivors face and advocate for continuous advancements in cancer research and treatment. 

🤝 National Immigrant Heritage Month: Celebrate the rich cultural contributions, resilience, and achievements of immigrants in our communities.

🔶 Gun Violence Awareness Month: Raise awareness about the impact of gun violence on communities and advocate for effective prevention measures. 

🌴 Caribbean-American Heritage Month: Celebrate the vibrant culture, history, and contributions of Caribbean-Americans enriching the United States.

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Cause-Specific and Culturally Important Dates With Recommended Nonprofits from the donut team:

June 1: 🧸 International Children’s Day. 

Nonprofits to invest into: Dobrodiy Club, Palestine Children's Relief Fund, City Without Orphans, Hands4Hope

June 1: 🚶‍♂️National Trails Day. 

Invest into: Rapid Reforest and Tree San Diego to keep more trails alive. 

June 2: 🌟 National Cancer Survivors Day. Nonprofits to support: Your Support 

June 4: 💄National Clean Beauty Day

June 5: 

  • 🌍 World Environment Day. Nonprofits to invest into: UAnimals, Arbor Day Foundation, Happy Paw.
  • 🏃‍♂️ National Running Day. 💡 donut team tip: Plan a super short virtual marathon with your community to drive donations. 
  • ❤️‍🩹 HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day. Donate to 100% Life

June 6: 🎓 National Higher Education Day. 

Nonprofits to invest into: SavED, Girls Write Now, Osvitoria, 826LA

June 7: 

  • 🤗 World Caring Day
  •  🍽️ World Food Safety Day
  • 🍩 National Doughnut Day. 💡 donut team tip: Partner up with a local donut shop to donate proceeds of one type of the donut or put up your QR code in store. 

June 8: 

June 9: 👶 National Children's Day.

Nonprofits to invest into: Children New Generation, Palestine Children's Relief Fund

June 11: 

  • 👋  Say Hi Day
  • 🌸 National Making Life Beautiful Day
  • 📞 National Call Your Doctor Day

June 12: 

  • 💜 National Loving Day
  • 👨‍🏫 International Day Against Child Labor

June 13: 🌟National Random Acts of Light Day. Donate to Your Support.

June 14: 💉World Blood Donor Day

June 15:

  •  📸 Nature Photography Day
  • 🍸 World Martini Day.💡 donut team tip: throw a cocktail for a cause party with donation = entrance ticket.
  • 👴 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Donate to Enjoying Life.

June 16: 👔 Father's Day

June 16: 🥕 Fresh Veggies Day

June 17: 🌳 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

Nonprofits to support: Rapid Reforest, Arbor Day Foundation, Tree San Diego, California State Parks Foundation.

June 18: 💸 National Splurge Day.💡 donut team tip: encourage splurging on donations this year or donating part of the “splurge spree” to a good cause. 

June 19: ✊🏿 Juneteenth

June 20: ☀️ First Day of Summer

June 20: 🏠 World Refugee Day

June 21: 

  • 🎶 World Music Day. Donate to Save the Music Foundation
  • 🌍 World Humanist Day
  • 🧘 International Yoga Day. 💡 donut team tip: partner with a local yoga teacher or studio for a class with charitable proceeds. 
  • 🤳 National Selfie Day

June 22: 

  • 🍗 Summersgiving. 💡 donut team tip: Summersgiving is the summer version of Thanksgiving, meaning it’s the perfect time to give back and invest into causes you and your friends or family care about. Choose one (or a few!) on donut
  • 🌸 Midsummer Day
  • 📺 Positive Media Day
  • 🌿 World Rainforest Day. Nonprofits to invest into: Rapid Reforest

June 23: 🧑‍🔧 International Women in Engineering Day

June 24: ♻️ Upcycling Day

June 25: ⚓ International Day of the Seafarer. Nonprofits to invest into: Heal the Bay, Surfrider Foundation, Orange County Coastkeeper

June 25: 🍴 Bourdain Day. Nonprofits to invest into: Find Your Anchor, NAMI

💊 June 26: International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

June 26: 😊 National Day of Joy 

June 27: 

  • 🧠 National PTSD Awareness Day. Donate to NAMI.
  • 🕶️ National Sunglasses Day
  • 🧪 National HIV Testing Day. Donate to 100% Life
  • 🤝 National Handshake Day

June 28: 🏳️‍🌈 Stonewall Riots Anniversary

June 28: 🚚 National Food Truck Day. 💡 donut team tip: partner with a local food truck to drive proceeds from the sale on the day of as donations; offer volunteering as help in return.

June 30:

  • 👗 National OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Day
  • 📱 World Social Media Day
  • 🌌 International Asteroid Day or 🌠 National Meteor Watch Day

As we gear up for June, remember the following #donutrules: 

  • ABC: Always Be Circulating! Sharing is caring, so make sure to share every single donation you’re making to inspire others and invite them to join you. 
  • Even a small donation counts - it’s an act of awareness. 
Want to nominate a nonprofit that you support? Just email us or send a DM on Instagram.

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