Two sisters and founders of Alona Kotliar and Katya Kotlyar

The team behind donut

Meet Alona Kotliar and Katya Kotlyar, sisters and co-founders of donut.

donut is inspired by our own experience of facilitating cross-border donations and trying to help connect locals here in the U.S. to organizations in other countries.

We saw how much people are at the center of every action because of their personal connection, family story or just passion about solving a particular problem. We also realized that there's nothing out there to empower individuals to show their actions and inspire others to join, and there are too many borders, literal and UX-like, to forming a global community.

donut is our answer to all the problems we saw - it's the first of its kind global community for everyone who wants to be part of a solution to a local problem in their neighborhood or somewhere in a distant town.

While we're on the topic of donuts... Alona's favorite donut is Vanilla Bean Glazed from Sidecar Doughnuts, and Katya's - Original Sin from Holey Grail Donuts.

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